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ABÔRIGENS is a Brazilian band that was born in 2017 year in the São Paulo city  with the purpose of giving life to a musical complex that reaffirms and expresses the voices coming from the city's shores.


Although the song is the lead that joins Daniel Kafuzo (guita / vocals), EvellynOzz (vocals), Macarrão (bass) and Bola (Dj). The formation of the band is due to the result of the work of the Producer Cultural Social A Banca where the members act by carrying out actions of social impact in the peripheries using music and entrepreneurship as a transformation tool.


With a year and a half of existence, the band has already performed at festivals and reference shows in the music scene such as Cine Joia, Festival Percurso, Festival Feelling Heavy Pero no Mucho, Girls in Rock, Festival Social Good  Brasil among others. Already divided stage with artists of name in the music scene like Curumin, Anelis Assumpção, Bia Ferreira and Rincon Sapiência.


The band is a part of the "From Garden to the Garden" movement, a network of musicians and entrepreneurs from the cultural area who exchange experiences, music researches carry out actions together and act on fronts to establish exchanges and connections with people of different cultural, social and economic realities.


Currently "ABÔ" is working to launch its first official single, the song "Maracatú de Chão", which brings in its theme the importance of strengthening the identity and the rescue of ancestry respecting and valuing the cultural diversity existing in the quilombo Brazil . The song will be released initially in the streamings and next will come the official video clip of the band that will be the opening path for the launch of the EP this year that counts on the participation of Ricardo Leal and Leo Mello (C de Cultura / DeJardimaJardim) Jonas Tatit (Mix and Master of 1 Track) arrangement of Curumin (in a track).


The concept "ABÔRIGENS" came from the junction of the word Yorubá "ABÔ" which means protection, with the word origins "Protection of Roots / Origins putting music as a manifestation of our existence, our way of life and our culture.